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We'd love to ask you a few questions about our Trend Briefing INSTANT TREND EXPERT, and about how YOU work with trends. 

IMPORTANT: We'll feature the best insights & responses in our upcoming book. We don't need you to answer all the questions! Just answer the one(s) where you feel you have something to contribute!
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In INSTANT TREND EXPERT, which trend question and answer did you find the most helpful?

Please tell us why, too!
Which trend question did we not answer fully enough?

What more do you want to know?
Do you have a burning trend question that we did not cover?

If so, what is it?
In your organization, how do you get colleagues and senior management to see the value of trends and trend-driven innovation?

Tell us about a time you successfully applied a trend to create a new product, service or campaign.

What was the process? What were the results?
Thank you!
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